Some important Digital marketing terms which we should understand

Digital Marketing

Today, I am going to discuss some important digital marketing terms which we should understand if we want to make a successful career in digital marketing because these terms are very important part of digital marketing. We can’t become a successful digital marketer if we don’t understand these terms because these terms are used in digital marketing most of the time. So, we should focus on these terms in order to make an effective career in digital marketing.

Some important digital marketing terms which we should know about-

  • Digital marketing- Digital marketing is the marketing of product and services digitally i.e., on the internet by using different techniques like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMO (Social Media Optimization), PPC (Pay Per Click) and more. This is a very small definition of digital marketing because digital marketing also includes e-mail, RSS, voice broadcast, fax broadcast, blogging, podcasting, video streams, wireless text messaging, and instant messaging. So, if you want to make a career in digital marketing then it is a very good idea because it has a very bright future.
  • On Page SEO- On-Page SEO is all optimizing the website according to the search engine guidelines. It is the first and main step of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) because without this activity SEO is completely meaningless because unoptimized website can’t be indexed in the search engines.
  • Off Page SEO- Off-Page SEO is all about creating the backlinks from the authoritative or niche website so that we can boost the ranking of the website. There are the different type of activities which help us to perform Off Page SEO effectively i.e., directory submission, social bookmarking, social sharing, Quora, business listing and many more.
  • White Hat SEO- White Hat SEO utilizes technique and methods to improve the online presence by following the search engine guidelines i.e., keyword research, link building and other search engine friendly activities.
  • Black Hat SEO- Black Hat SEO utilizes technique and methods to improve the online presence by breaking the search engine guidelines i.e., keyword stuffing, cloaking and hidden text which is totally unacceptable by the search engine because it is an illegal activity in the eyes of the search engine and the website in which black hat is done is automatically rolled down by the search engine.
  • Backlinks- Backlinks are those links which are created on other niche websites in order to boost the ranking of the website. We can understand the meaning of backlinks with the help of this example- Suppose if we found the link of own website on the other niche website then we can say that it is the backlink for our website. A website with a lot of backlinks tends to get the higher ranking. Backlinks can be created with the help of link building and guest posting. The creation of backlinks is very important for getting the higher ranking in the search engines.
  • 301 Redirect- A 301redirect is the best and search engine friendly redirection method. It plays an important role when we want to move our webpage on another URL (Uniform resource locator) or want to change the name of any file without losing the ranking. The main advantages of the 301 redirect method are that it is easy to implement and it helps us to tell our users that a website has moved to other URL permanently.
  • Meta Description- Meta description is a description which is a search engine friendly method used to tell the search engines and their users about the small description of a website. It is the best and very well prescribed method for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) point of view. We all should use the Meta description in our website and it should be unique for each webpage. It can be of any length but search engines truncate the description into 300 characters (this limit increased in December 2017) so I recommend you personally to write the description between 50 to 300 characters for the best SEO point of view.
  • Keyword Stuffing- Keyword stuffing is a bad or illegal practice for the SEO point of view. It means loading the more keywords on the web pages to gain the ranking in the search engine illegally. We should not follow this type of practice on our website because if search engine catches any website with keyword stuffing will automatically roll down that particular website. The search engine can catch this type of website easily with the help of their powerful algorithms. So, we should follow all the algorithms or their guidelines in order to get a better ranking.
  • SERP- SERP stands for Search Engine Result Pages which are used by search engine to display the search results when the user searches for particular information by using a related keyword. We can understand SERP with the help of an example- Suppose that if a user searches for any particular information by using any related keyword then SERP display all the results of that particular keyword for that user.
  • Robots.txt- Robots.txt file is a file which can be used by the owner of the website to tell the search engines that which web page should be a crawl and which web page should not be crawled of the website. With the help of Robots.txt file, the owner of the website can disable the URLs which he doesn’t want to index in the search engines. In order to make this file accessible for the search engines, we have to simply upload this into the C-Panel of that website
  • Sitemap- Sitemap is an XML file which can be used by the owner of the website to tell the list of website’s URLs to the search engines which he wants to index. It helps the owner of the website to index their website fast and it helps the search engine’s crawler to crawl and index the website URLs step-by-step.

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