Factors that influence the Bounce rate of the website

Hello friends! Welcome to the world of Vicky Tech! Hope, you all are fine. Today, I am going to discuss the factors which can affect the bounce rate of the website. Before discussing the factors which can affect the bounce rate of the website, we should first understand about the concept of bounce rate. As defined, bounce rate is nothing but the percentage of users who leaves your website without interacting with the pages or visiting any other additional pages on your website.

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Why Black Hat SEO Techniques are Dangerous?

Today, we will discuss why we should not use black hat SEO techniques in our marketing practice. Before talking about why we shouldn’t use these techniques, we need to know the concept of black hat SEO techniques because knowing the concept will be helpful for better understanding. Some digital marketers consider black hat SEO as an option to achieve higher rankings within a short span of time. Many digital marketers strongly believe that black hat SEO techniques are useful and they recommend others to utilize them. I want to tell you one thing- “You will be penalized, if search engines find out algorithmically or manually, that your website uses black hat SEO techniques.”

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Understanding Google Ads

Google Ads is the online marketing platform owned and managed by Google which helps you to reach to the targeted customers directly by appearing on the Google first page. If you want to appear on the first page of the Google with the help of Google Ads services, you need to run a Google Ads campaign by paying some money to Google.

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